Female songbirds sing!

Help document their songs for biological collections. Why study female song?How can I participtate?

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Editorial: Fitness Costs and Benefits of Female Song

In this editorial article, Michelle Hall and Naomi Langmore synthesize the contributions to the Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution research topic on female bird song! http://journal.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fevo.2017.00048/full...

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Birding Magazine article on female song

See the April 2017 issue of Birding Magazine for Lauryn Benedict and Karan Odom’s article on “Listening to Nature's Divas – Research reveals that female songbirds commonly sing. Find out how you can help make their voices...

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New documentation of female song

First documentation of female bird song in the Puerto Rican Oriole! Recent research by recently graduated UMBC undergraduate, Susanna Campbell. Susanna K. Campbell et al. 2016. Documentation of female song in a newly recognized species, the Puerto Rican Oriole...

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Recent contributions

Bobby Wilcox (14)
David Simpson (9)
Matt Wilkins (8)
Cristian Pinto (6)
Lauryn Benedict (4)
Marky Mutchler (3)
Claire Kluskens (2)
Garrett MacDonald (2)
Helge Malmgren (2)
Ben Phalan (2)
Sergio Reyes (2)
Brad Walker (2)
Quinten Wiegersma (2)
Ajit Ivan Antony (1)
Bob Bethune (1)
Catherine Clover (1)
Peter Dixie (1)
Jaden Hawkes (1)
Kelly Krechmer (1)
Alix Matthews (1)
Dan Minor (1)
Mar Pu (1)
Sander Pieterse (1)
Dan Scheiman (1)
Michael Schrimpf (1)
Ezra Staengl (1)
Ves (1)
Esau Toaki Villarreal (1)

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