Female songbirds sing!

Help document their songs for biological collections. Why study female song?How can I participtate?

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Female bird song in the news

Check out recent coverage of female bird song in the news, including these venues! EarthSky: http://earthsky.org/earth/female-birdsong-project Wildlife Society: http://wildlife.org/female-birds-sing-too-but-do-they-go-unheard/ Atlas...

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Audubon highlights Lady Lyrebird Songs

Lady Lyrebirds have a voice, too - it is not just the males that string together endless mimicked songs and whistles. Audubon explains how researchers are revealing what females have to say!...

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Auk commentary asks researchers to document female song

This commentary in the Auk ask researchers, along with citizen scientists to help document female bird song. Read the article to find out why there is a deficit of female bird songs in research collections and what the authors are asking you to do to...

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